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Over the years that I have practiced immigration and naturalization law, I have had numerous clients who have been summoned for a removal hearing in front of an immigration judge. Ultimately, these actions may result in the deportation of the person. At the Law Offices of Stephen Santucci, PC, in Staten Island, I also represent permanent residents who have become subject to removal due to criminal convictions. If you have received a notice to appear from the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or removal proceedings have already begun, contact an experienced deportation defense attorney now. It is especially important to contact me if you or a loved one has already been detained. Free Initial Consultation.

Experienced Deportation Defense Lawyer

I am committed to defending immigrants' rights and have more than five years of experience practicing immigration law. With my experience, I am able to make a complete assessment of each case and analyze the potential for a solid defense. My deportation defense law firm represents people who have been detained, are currently incarcerated and face deportation, or have received notice to appear before the ICE. I do all the necessary paperwork and present a thorough defense against deportation or removal in cases where possible defenses exist.

If an individual facing deportation is in jail, I can visit them. Jail visits are a routine part of the services I offer. Contact me today to schedule a jail visit.

In working with clients who are detained or face deportation, I will visit them wherever they are. If your family member was detained in the New York City area, he or she may be taken out of the state. I am committed to representing these clients in all court deportation proceedings, whether in New York or New Jersey, or as far away as California. Call an experienced deportation defense attorney at the Law Offices of Stephen Santucci, PC, for assistance right now.

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For questions about removal and deportation defense and involuntary/voluntary deportation issues, contact me at the Law Offices of Stephen Santucci, PC. If you are in removal proceedings, you may be able to remain in the U.S. if an immigration judge grants you relief from deportation or terminates the proceeding. If you meet the required criteria, you may able to avoid deportation.