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Naturalization ceremony makes dream come true

The ceremonies take place each week in New York City locations. Yet each time a naturalization ceremony is held, it is special. The procedure transforms citizens of countries from around the world into new U.S. citizens with all the privileges and rights that come with citizenship.

Hard-line naturalization stance demeaning to value of citizenship

"Your argument is demeaning the priceless value of citizenship," said U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy during oral arguments Wednesday. "You're arguing for the government of the United States, talking about what citizenship is and ought to mean."

Legal system a challenge for immigrants

Readers of our Staten Island blog know that the U.S. immigration system is a complex one filled with challenges for people who want to receive employment-based visas, permanent resident status or citizenship. Those many challenges make it apparent why people seek assistance from experienced immigration attorneys familiar not only with the law, but with the paperwork and processes involved. The challenges also make it clear why unscrupulous fraudsters try to take advantage of immigrants in need of legal help. 

Why the rights of U.S.-born children are being ignored

Under the United States Constitution, regardless of a parent's immigration status, children who are born in the U.S. are considered citizens and therefore entitled to all of the same rights and privileges afforded to other U.S. citizens. This declamation was born out of a need to protect the rights of individuals whose parents immigrated to the U.S. and chose to settle and start families here. Today, however, this Constitutional right is being challenged in a state that is no stranger to controversy when it comes to immigration issues.

Does the U.S. recognize dual citizenship?

Throughout the world, a U.S. passport is a coveted status. While U.S. citizens rarely forfeit their citizenship rights, there are ways that an individual can hold dual citizenship and be considered a U.S. citizen at the same time he or she is a citizen of another country. For individuals who are or wish to be in this position, it's critical to fulfill citizenship obligations of both countries as failure to do so may result in loss of U.S. citizenship.

Exceptions to the naturalization test for elderly individuals

The naturalization test is the last step toward becoming a citizen of the United States. As many people in New York know, however, the test is anything but easy. While diligent preparation is enough for some people to pass, others -- including the elderly -- have limitations that make it near impossible for them to even take the test. Fortunately, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services offers exceptions and accommodations.

The path to U.S. citizenship can be quite complex

There are plenty of people who come to the U.S. seeking citizenship. Considering the process to citizenship can be complex, the celebrations when these requirements are met -- and someone officially becomes a U.S. citizen -- can be quite emotional, in a good way.

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