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A look at US permanent resident policies

If a person wants to live legally in the United States, the question can be, but how? Immigration laws can be obtuse, to say the least. A recent news article takes a look at U.S. policies for naturalization and sifts through the many details. Persons in New York looking to become a permanent resident may find some new information that can help them achieve their goals. 

Citizenship scams being tackled by New York immigrant groups

Some people will stop at nothing for greedy financial gain, even if that means exploiting vulnerable groups of people. A recent news story gives details about scams that are targeted toward the undocumented immigrant community in New York, including fake citizenship scams. City groups are battling the issue by spreading awareness and providing facts. 

Study: Immigration policy, enforcement impact newborn health

Even though it happened nearly nine years ago, people still remember the Postville Raid. It was a raid on a slaughterhouse and meat packing plant carried out by agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Nearly 400 people were arrested and deported as a result of the raid.

Basic step-by-step process for obtaining asylum

Far too many people are victimized in their countries of origin for a variety of reasons. They come to the United States as refugees looking for asylum and a fresh start at life -- and many of them come in right here in New York. Obtaining asylum is not automatic, however. Understanding the basics of the process might help alleviate some of the fear and confusion surrounding the process.

Worker shortage has businesses hoping for immigration reform

It is a little-publicized problem that many businesses and communities nonetheless face across the United States: a shortage of workers. One area struggling with the problem is found along the north shore of Lake Superior. A rocky area known for scenic cliffs and beaches lining an enormous, turbulent lake, it is dependent on tourism.

Changes in immigration demographics

Conventional wisdom tells us that Mexican migrants (who are most often male) are pouring into the United States. They come here for jobs, or so it has long been believed.But the demographics at the border are changing. The U.S. government is saying that those who are intercepted at the border are today overwhelmingly Central American families. Many of those coming here today are in search in asylum rather than jobs.

Americans' views on immigration, jobs continue evolution

In the rough and tumble world of politics, reality can be warped by candidates eager for votes. While the issue of immigration has repeatedly been raised in this year's presidential election, it is one oversimplified and distorted by politicians, according to results of a recent poll.Americans are not as worried about immigrants taking their jobs as some candidates pretend. Today, Americans are nearly evenly split on the question of whether immigrants hurt American workers. Forty-five percent say immigrants hurt American employees and 42 percent say no harm is done to workers by immigration. 

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