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Family immigration helps immigrants achieve

Opinions vary widely on exactly how we should support new citizens coming to the United States. Some argue that generous family immigration policies enable new transplants to succeed -- not only in emotional ways, but as an important driver of economic success. When migrants help the economy thrive, all citizens benefit. New York transplants who have access to extended family support are more likely to build a strong network and feel happier. 

New York City man who scammed immigrants is sentenced

We read recently of a New York City man who is off to federal prison lying to immigrants and defrauding them. The 49-year-old Manhattan man is to spend the next six years in federal prison for impersonating immigration agents and falsely promising to help undocumented immigrants obtain permission to stay in the United States and in some cases, become U.S. citizens.

New York City families diving into the immigration process

With concern and fear growing over recent changes in U.S. policy, immigrants in New York City have been lining up by the hundreds to get copies of their children's birth certificates. The New York Times spent a few days asking people in line about their worries and hopes.

Parole in Place: Another immigration program in uncertain status

The legal landscape for anyone with family members who are immigrants is in a state of major flux. Whether you are in Staten Island, the West Coast or anywhere in between, questions likely are on the rise. Included in the wondering ranks have got to be families brought together and supported by virtue of the so-called Parole in Place program.

Students learning important lessons about immigrants' lives

There is little doubt that greater uncertainty than normal surrounds many immigration issues today. People are less sure of where they stand in family-based immigration matters, employment-based immigration, deportation issues, refugee status and more.

ACLU: Homeland Security and ICE ignoring the advice they sought

The ACLU recently sent an open letter to the Department of Homeland Security to urge action on the inhumane detention of non-criminal immigrants, especially families. The letter, which was signed by 153 other human rights and immigrant advocacy groups, didn't ask immigration authorities to undertake some liberal plan. It simply asks the organization to follow the recommendations of experts the agency itself hired for advice on the issue.

The complications of family immigration to the United States

Immigration to the United States brings a host of various complications that must be handled appropriately, preferably by a legal professional with experience in this area of law. As one family near New New York learned, family immigration is a difficult and frustrating process, even when following the appropriate steps. This process is particularly complicated for families in which one spouse is a naturalized citizen and the other is not.

Immigration: Revitalizing a great American city

Like most people across the United States, Staten Island residents have read of the decay of one of America's great cities: Detroit. Once the epicenter of the auto industry, Detroit fell on hard times after foreign carmakers eroded America’s position at the top.

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