Attorney Representing Immigration Detainees

At times, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may detain individuals they place in removal proceedings. Detainees held in New York, New Jersey, or as far away as California can get experienced representation from the Law Offices of Stephen Santucci, PC, in Staten Island and Philadelphia. If your family member is an immigration detainee anywhere in the U.S. and you have questions about the detention, contact our law office for assistance from an experienced United States immigration lawyer.

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Detainees who are picked up in the New York City or Philadelphia metro area may be sent out of state for their detention. We visit or contact all our detainee clients, no matter where they are detained. We help immigration detainees and their families find out about what immigration charges have been brought against the detainee. If possible, we provide deportation defense against those charges in hearings and work to find a way to prevent our client from being deported.

If a detainee is in jail, we can visit him or her. Jail visits are a routine part of the services we offer to detainees. Contact us today to schedule a jail visit.

Deportation Defense Lawyer Representing Detainees

Detainees do have certain rights. For example, an immigration detainee may be eligible to be released from detention by having a family member post a bond. If the Department of Homeland Security sets a bond amount for the detainee's release, it can be posted at any time. Alternatively, an immigration judge in a bond proceeding can set a bond amount. If necessary, a detainee can request an immigration judge to review DHS' bond determination. When possible, we will work to obtain a bond amount as low as possible so family members can actually pay the bond and secure the detainee's release from custody.

For detainees who were released from jail or county or state penitentiaries directly to immigration authorities for detention, we help them determine their immigration issues and assist them in resolving them when possible. If your family member was detained after incarceration, after receiving a Notice to Appear in immigration court, or after being denied asylum, the immigration Law Offices of Stephen Santucci, PC, can help.

Contact an Experienced Detainee Defense Attorney

If your relative is currently detained, it is very important that you contact an immigration attorney who can explain your relative's rights and the process to you. To talk with an experienced immigration lawyer about immigrant detention, detainees' rights, or any other immigration issue, contact a New York immigration detainee attorney at the Law Offices of Stephen Santucci, PC, today. Free initial consultation.