Marriage-Based Immigration in New York and Pennsylvania

Having married a person from another country, attorney Stephen Santucci knows how frustrating it can be to deal with all the red tape of United States immigration procedures. He founded our firm, to help clients cut through the red tape, and to help reunite engaged or married couples who are often separated by circumstances outside their control. Many of his clients are U.S. citizens who are engaged to be married to someone still outside the country. Others are foreign nationals who need K-1 fiancé visas to marry someone in the United States.

Sometimes couples worry that they will be accused of having a sham marriage entered into solely for purposes of avoiding U.S. immigration laws. To dispel this anxiety, we often help our clients prepare for their interviews with the USCIS immigration officers. Also, many clients are very happy that a lawyer can go with them to represent them at the interview itself.

If you need assistance with an USCIS interview or have other marriage-based immigration concerns, contact Law Offices of Stephen Santucci, PC, to speak with an experienced immigration and naturalization attorney.

Knowledgeable Lawyer for Immigration Applications

Government immigration forms are often hard to understand and are very complex. Sometimes people fill out the forms incorrectly. This can cause months and months of delay. It is sad when a couple learns that they must delay their wedding date for failure to cross a "t" or dot an "i". Attorney Santucci has been practicing immigration law for more than five years, and he can help you avoid unnecessary errors and visa delays. With the help of an experienced permanent residency attorney, you may be able to avoid such troubles.

We can help you with each step of the marriage-based immigration process. Our firm can assist with the paperwork for K-1 fiancé visas in order to allow your loved one to join you for your marriage. Once married, we help clients apply for an adjustment of status to secure permanent residency — a green card — for their new spouse, which can then lead to naturalization and citizenship.

Contact an Immigration Lawyer

Whether you are a foreign national engaged to marry a United States citizen or United States citizen engaged to marry a foreign national, contact our office for a consultation on how you can realize your dream to marry your loved one in the United States.