As a society we place great value in those that make the decision to serve the public good. These individuals help to make our communities stronger and safer. One New Jersey man, who has assisted in solving multiple high-profile criminal investigations, is facing immigration detention and the likely prospect of being deported back to Lebanon. Despite the pleas of local police and many community members, immigration officials insist on removing him from the United States.

Facing imminent deportation, the man has been detained in Essex County jail. His attempt to obtain asylum in the U.S. is pending in court.

The man has assisted with undercover investigations for the New Jersey Police on several high-profile cases since he came to the United States. Local law enforcement agencies view him as an asset, so they are joining the effort to end his detainment and stop the deportation proceedings.

Originally, the man was in the U.S. on a visa and married to a citizen. He applied for asylum, but his marriage ended before he was granted asylum status.

The man's family, his fiancée and her daughter, are vigorously trying to prevent their loved one's deportation. Their efforts have yielded an online petition, with over 5,000 signatures, that seeks to end the upcoming legal proceedings.

The man fears his life will be put into danger upon returning to Lebanon. His brother died nearly a year ago, under what are believed to be suspicious circumstances.

Not only has this man built a life and family in the United States, but he has found a way to provide valuable services to his community. The outpouring of support from his New Jersey community proves that he is valued by those around him. Most of all, his family misses him. They want him to be released from detention, so they can continue with asylum proceedings to prevent their family from being torn apart.

Source: The Paramus Post, "Immigrant Who Worked Undercover For NJ Police Now Faces Deportation," Mel Fabrikant, Jan. 10, 2012