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June 2012 Archives

Immigrants to thank for majority of new patents in U.S.

A new study released yesterday by the Partnership for a New American Economy shows that 76 percent of all new patents in the United States come from immigrant students, postdoctoral fellows or staff researched at our nation's top universities. Keeping all those bright minds in the country is a problem, because our immigration laws make it difficult on those seeking to start their own business after graduation.

Immigrants of Asian countries now outnumber those from Mexico

A new report from the Pew Research Center says that immigrants from Asian countries now account for 36 percent, or 430,000, of all new immigrants arriving in the United States. Hispanic immigrants only account for 31 percent, or 370,000. This shift has occurred just in the last five years. Researchers say those numbers reflect the new immigration policies and the demand for high-skilled technology workers.

Should illegal immigrants be allowed to practice the law?

While federal law prohibits employers from hiring illegal workers, there is no law prohibiting employers from hiring contractors without asking for proof of citizenship. Therefore, a City University of New York School of Law graduate has opened a lobbying agency to help so-called Dreamers - children brought into this country illegally - find their path toward citizenship.

Family ties keep some immigrants in U.S.; looking over shoulder

The story is not unusual. An immediate family member comes to the United States on a tourist visa to take care of an ill or dying relative, overstays their visa and spends the rest of their time in this country looking over their shoulder.

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