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February 2013 Archives

ICE releases hundreds from detention centers

With all of the talk about severe budget cuts, otherwise known as the sequester, not many people would associate a sense of relief with the looming economic scenarios that could take effect on March 1. But for immigrants throughout the country, relief is exactly what a possible sequester has led to.

Hundreds of immigrants wrongly arrested in Rochester area

Some unsettling news has been reported about the U.S. Border Patrol in the Rochester area. A New York University study shows that agents received bonuses in the form of cash and even gift cards for arresting immigrants believed to be in the country without legal permission. The incentive program, which the Border Patrol denies exists, has resulted in the arrest of hundreds of immigrants who did in fact have refugee status, visas or political asylum.

Ash Wednesday march set to protest immigrant detention system

For immigrants, the path to U.S. citizenship is a tough one. There are applications to file and tests to take, and some people unfortunately are placed in immigrant detention facilities, which many people agree are more concerned with profits than with the humanity of detainees. Federal officials say that steps have been taken to make conditions better in the immigrant detention system, but advocates for immigrants' rights are speaking out that more needs to be done.

Car washes rife with immigrant worker abuse

Readers in New York might recall the story of a car wash owner in the Bronx who last year was sent to jail for 32 days and ordered to pay $150,000 to employees, mostly immigrants, who were denied minimum wage. In fact, investigations since 2008 have clearly shown that employers throughout the country routinely abused immigrant workers, claiming those workers had no rights.

Weighing the economic benefits of immigration reform

Aside from being, as David Brooks of the New York Times puts it, "a great victory for human dignity," meaningful immigration reform makes excellent economic sense for native-born Americans and immigrants alike. Let's look at some overwhelming evidence.

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