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April 2013 Archives

Kids of detained immigrants take legal action to stop deportation

Family members of detained immigrants are often shocked that their loved one, who isn't a violent or otherwise dangerous person, has to sit in a detention center while his or her immigration case moves forward. Families are split up, even when children in the family are U.S. citizens but their parents are not.

Immigrants make up 21 percent of Staten Island residents

Since 2000, Staten Island has seen a steadily rising degree of diversity among its inhabitants. At a recent lecture at Wagner College, Dr. Joseph Salvo, director of the Department of Planning's Population Division, spoke about the Island's quickly growing immigrant population.

Seeking asylum: A difficult battle

The United States guarantees asylum to individuals who are in the country and can prove they have suffered persecution or have a legitimate fear that they will if they go back to their country of origin. This is one very viable path to citizenship in the country. Also, the country does not limit the number of people who can seek asylum. Nevertheless, immigrants seeking citizenship always face hurdles in their chance for a new life.

NYC Irish immigrants hope for work visas in immigration bill

The recent unveiling of the Senate bill for comprehensive immigration reform has people throughout New York City hoping that real change may be on the way, but immigrants also have a healthy degree of skepticism about whether the proposal will actually be signed into law.

Citizenship application fee a big obstacle for many immigrants

Recent research shows that, when immigrants consider applying for citizenship, price matters. When you add the application fee to the cost of getting fingerprints, the total comes to $680. And the research suggests that the price is a serious deterrent to a lot of would-be citizens.

News outlets to stop using offensive immigration terms

A long-overdue change is happening in the way mainstream U.S. media refers to immigrants who are in the country without legal documentation. We've written before about the stigmatizing, offensive connotations associated with the term "illegal immigrant." After all, not having official immigration documents is not a criminal matter; it's a civil one.

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