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July 2013 Archives

University of Michigan now offering in-state tuition for Dreamers

The Regents of the University of Michigan have just announced that, beginning in January, it will offer in-state tuition to all resident students regardless of immigration status. Michigan joins New York and 15 other states with policies providing access to higher education for immigrants in some form. Most of the policies were prompted in part to help unauthorized immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children (referred to as "Dreamers") and have lived essentially as U.S. citizens all their lives, but who are often denied tuition help for college.

Obama insists on citizenship path, admits reform efforts delayed

This week, the President was forced to admit that immigration reform is not likely to be passed by his self-imposed August deadline, but he insisted nonetheless that any reform efforts must include a path to U.S. citizenship for the nearly 11 million unauthorized immigrants currently living in the United States.

Senate plan would offer path to US citizenship -- after 13 years

Both hopes and political pressure are high for Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year, but there are no guarantees about what that reform will ultimately entail. It's not even clear that any bill can make it through the byzantine lawmaking process in the face of committed opposition in the House of Representatives. That said, the proposal just passed by the Senate and currently under consideration by the House offers some encouraging signs. It even includes a path for unauthorized immigrants to obtain U.S. citizenship -- although that path could be at least 13 years long.

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