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September 2013 Archives

U.S. citizens' siblings face a 12-year wait for immigrant visas

When people talk about reforming our immigration system, they often discuss only the issues surrounding undocumented immigrants. In some cases, they may bring up the difficulty U.S. employers have bringing in needed workers on H1-B visas, or keeping them when those visas expire. Perhaps because its economic impact is less obvious, family-based immigration gets less attention in the debate, but our family immigration system is also out of date -- and it often seems to thwart the goal of bringing families together.

Border security in immigration bill: a giveaway to defense firms?

The crisis in Syria relegated comprehensive immigration reform to the back burner yet again. While no one denies the urgency of dealing with the vicious conflict and chemical weapons use in that country, the situation was recently stabilized somewhat by the U.S.-Russia agreement to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons hoard within a year. So why aren't the desperately-needed reforms to U.S. immigration law back at the forefront?

New ICE rule limits solitary confinement of immigration detainees

In a welcome development, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, has issued substantive new policy limits on its use of solitary confinement on immigrants awaiting deportation and removal hearings. As the New York Times has reported, every day, some 300 immigration detainees are held in solitary in ICE's 50 largest facilities. They are kept isolated in small cells with little human contact for 22 to 24 hours a day -- at least half for two weeks or longer -- for disciplinary infractions or for protection.

Why some green card holders are not pursuing citizenship

Becoming a legal U.S. citizen is something that people all over the world strive for. Many people spend years or even decades waiting for a visa or trying to complete the requirements necessary to even be eligible for citizenship. The process can be a long and hard one for many immigrants in New York.

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