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President Obama poised to take unilateral action on immigration

As we've discussed before on our blog, the legislation passed by the Senate back in 2013 calling for wholesale reform of the nation's immigration system has long sat idle in the House of Representatives. Here, lawmakers have indicated that they will refuse to consider the bill until measures are first taken to secure the border.

This lack of forward momentum on immigration reform has served to frustrate many, including President Obama, who has repeatedly promised that he would consider taking executive action in the event this congressional stalemate was not resolved.

In recent developments, it now appears as if the President is going to make good on this promise, as sources say he is on the brink of signing an executive order that would grant deportation relief to potentially millions of undocumented immigrants.

While exact details of the executive order have yet to be revealed, unnamed administration officials have indicated that the executive order will likely grant work visas and initiate a temporary deportation reprieve for anywhere from five to ten years for those undocumented parents whose children are either legal permanent residents or citizens.

Sources are also indicating that the President's executive order would likely include steps to further strengthen the border and emphasize how deportation efforts need to be focused more on those undocumented immigrants with dangerous criminal records.

While many are questioning the legality of the President's actions, legal experts have indicated that multiple presidents have used their executive powers in the context of immigration over the last 70 years from President John F. Kennedy to President Ronald Reagan.

It will be interesting to learn the exact details of the President's executive order, which is due to be issued sometime within the next week. Stay tuned for developments...

If you have immigration law concerns or would like to learn more about how to bring a loved one here to the U.S., consider speaking with an experienced legal professional as soon as possible.

Sources: Business Insider, "Obama's executive action on immigration could come this week," Richard Cowan, Nov. 18, 2014; The Los Angeles Times, "President Obama's immigration plans hard to block, legal experts say," David Savage, Nov. 18, 2014

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