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It can be very frightening to learn that a loved one has been physically detained by officials with the Department of Homeland Security for removal proceedings. In addition to this fear, you and your family will likely experience confusion as to why your loved one was detained in the first place, where they have been taken, and whether they have any rights or options going forward.

This fear and confusion is entirely understandable given both the parties -- the federal government -- and the stakes -- possible deportation -- involved. The good news, however, is that an experienced attorney can provide you with answers to your questions and your loved one with a strong defense.

It's important to understand from the outset that if a loved one is detained for removal proceedings, they may be taken to a detention center here in New York, in neighboring New Jersey, or even out of state.

Furthermore, it's important to understand that immigration detainees are not without rights. For instance, they have the right to be released from detention if a family member posts the bond amount set by either the DHS or an immigration judge in a bond hearing.

At the Law Offices of Stephen Santucci, PC, we are dedicated to protecting these rights and helping detainees remain here in the U.S. with their families. As part of our comprehensive representation, we can do the following:

  • Help families determine where their loved ones are being held and make in-person visits to the detention center.
  • Discover the immigration charges that have been brought against a detainee and work to build strong deportation defense.
  • Request that an immigration judge lower the bond amount set by the DHS if it is too high for the family to cover.

To learn more about how we can help with immigration detention matters, please visit our website.

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