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September 2015 Archives

How K-1 or fiancé visas can complicate love

They say that love knows no boundaries. This includes national boundaries and is something that any U.S. citizen who has ever met someone special while traveling abroad knows and understands all too well. However, even when it comes to love, the U.S. government has many boundaries and rules with regard to immigration procedures and such policies often prevent U.S. citizens with fiancés from other countries from being together.

DAPA provides unauthorized parents protections against deportation

For many five-year-old children in the U.S., their biggest worries and fears may include imaginary monsters under the bed, having to share toys with friends and trying to get out of brushing their teeth. For one little girl, who was recently allowed through a street barricade to meet Pope Francis as his processional rode through Washington D.C., her concerns are much more serious and heartbreaking.

Why Donald Trump is the most feared of all Republican presidential candidate hopefuls

Shrewd businessman, real estate mogul, author and television personality are just a few of the titles that Republican presidential candidate hopeful Donald Trump has held. After years of threatening to run for numerous political offices, including president; few took Trump seriously when he announced that he was campaigning to be the 2016 Republican candidate.

A case for why the U.S. asylum process must be overhauled

A recent Buzzfeed article entitled, "The U.S. Asylum System is Completely Overwhelmed," highlights the many problems facing what critics charge is an outdated and woefully inadequate part of the U.S. immigration system. In recent years, individuals fleeing the gang and drug violence that has ravaged many Central America countries and Mexico have flooded across U.S. borders. In an effort to stay in the U.S. and avoid deportation back to what for many may be a certain death, the number of U.S. asylum cases has grown exponentially.

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