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October 2015 Archives

The economics of U.S. immigration policies

As we've noted in previous blog posts, there's no doubt that the United States' immigration policies are complicated and controversial. Increasingly, the issue has also become highly political with the majority of Republicans favoring anti-immigration policies and Democrats, less restrictive immigration policies.

Why the rights of U.S.-born children are being ignored

Under the United States Constitution, regardless of a parent's immigration status, children who are born in the U.S. are considered citizens and therefore entitled to all of the same rights and privileges afforded to other U.S. citizens. This declamation was born out of a need to protect the rights of individuals whose parents immigrated to the U.S. and chose to settle and start families here. Today, however, this Constitutional right is being challenged in a state that is no stranger to controversy when it comes to immigration issues.

State Department error affects thousands of highly-skilled H-1B immigrants

As the United States' immigration policy continues to be a hot-button political and social issue, the focus is often on those who come to the U.S., both legally and illegally, from poor and often violence-ravaged countries. There are, however, many other highly-educated and skilled immigrants who come to the U.S. to fill positions in specialized fields like technology, science and medicine. 

Path to U.S. citizenship is often complicated and full of roadblocks

According to the Migration Policy Institute roughly 25 percent of the U.S. population are "first or second generation" immigrants. As countries to the south and across the Atlantic continue to be plagued by economic hardships, violence and political and religious conflicts; it's likely that the number of people attempting to immigrate, both legally and illegally, to the U.S. will continue to increase.

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