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Why the rights of U.S.-born children are being ignored

Under the United States Constitution, regardless of a parent's immigration status, children who are born in the U.S. are considered citizens and therefore entitled to all of the same rights and privileges afforded to other U.S. citizens. This declamation was born out of a need to protect the rights of individuals whose parents immigrated to the U.S. and chose to settle and start families here. Today, however, this Constitutional right is being challenged in a state that is no stranger to controversy when it comes to immigration issues.

State officials in Texas have begun denying "U.S. birth certificates to the children" whose parents are suspected of illegally entering the U.S. While Texas officials previously accepted the Mexican-government issued document known as a matricula consular card as proof of the identification of a child's parents, recently state officials stopped accepting this document. 

Without a birth certificate, the parents of these U.S.-born children are encountering difficulties when trying to access healthcare for a child or enroll a child in school. In response, the immigrant parents of 32 U.S.-born children filed a lawsuit against the state. However, despite the fact that Texas officials are blatantly disregarding the Constitutional rights of the plaintiffs, an appellate judge recently denied an emergency order to force officials to accept the Mexican-government issued I.D. documents.

As the United States as a country and individual states like Texas attempt to deal with immigration challenges, the Constitutional rights of children who are born in the United States must be upheld. We'll continue to provide updates as this important legal and immigration issue continues to unfold.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Judge: Texas can deny birth certificates for U.S.-born children of some immigrants," Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Oct. 16, 2015

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