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Reform could change focus from family immigration to work

Concerns about economic growth are causing the experts to look into certain policy reform. In New York and beyond, one such area of interest is skill-based and family immigration. Experts say that, by looking to the example set by other countries, the United States can create policies that increase the number of immigrants overall and maintain a base of highly skilled workers who contribute to fiscal surplus.

To maximize the benefit of immigration, some have argued that the United States should refocus its efforts from family immigration to skilled employment immigration. Experts point to the example of other nations who take in similar numbers of family immigrants but more numbers of skilled workers. In those countries, the additional number of immigrants have contributed to a more robust economy. 

Some experts claim that there is room in the United States to increase the number of people admitted by 30 percent. This would mean that the available number of green cards would be 1.4 million. Such an increase is supported by groups like the National Academy of Sciences who argue that contributions by migrants hasten long-term economic growth. 

Reform for family immigration may be a part of this package, however. People have been calling for the reduction or elimination of certain family immigration programs such as those for elderly parents and adult siblings, in order to divert green cards for the workers. A person interested in receiving a green card may become eligible for one in a variety of ways. Interested persons in New York may wish to consult with an experienced immigration attorney for guidance on their specific circumstances. 

Source: The Hill, "To spur growth, US must welcome more highly skilled immigrants", Daniel Griswold, Dec. 6, 2017

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