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Family immigration, one of many facets of overhaul

The United States is experiencing a shift in policies regarding people looking to relocate to the country. The current administration has been very active in altering existing guidelines and acting to make changes. A border wall, increased detention facilities and restricting family immigration are major things happening now in American immigration policy. People who have relocated to New York recently may be interested in keeping current with the shifting policies on U.S. immigration. 

With the border wall as one of his major campaign promises, it is no surprise that President Trump has been interested in reforming these policies. Prototypes of the wall are currently being built and tested, and resolution of another immigration issue, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, may be packaged along with funding for the wall in the future. Also in the news is the ending of Temporary Protected Status for certain groups of legal immigrants.

Attitudes about family immigration are changing as well. Recently dubbed chain migration, critics accuse the policy of moving family members to the country as a dangerous policy that invites problems. The number of temporary visas for family members is being reduced, and more advisors are vocal about moving toward merit-based immigration policies. 

Family immigration may soon be more difficult to achieve for individuals who come to New York, and residents who were once here legally may find their time running shorter. Options still exist for individuals who wish to permanently relocate to the United States. In New York, many people choose to hire an immigration attorney for help in reviewing their options for U.S. residency. 

Source: CNN, "Immigration, Trump and you: 5 things happening now, and why they matter", Catherine E. Shoichet, Jan. 9, 2018

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