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Immigrant college student says detainees look like dead bodies

A college classroom in another state was short one student when its spring session recently got underway. That's because instead of being in class he was with approximately 60 other detainees in an immigration detention center. The young man's trouble began when he was riding home from a party with his girlfriend, who missed a turn while she was driving. There may be immigrants in New York facing similar situations.

The couple's rerouted path landed them at an immigration checkpoint, and it all went downhill from there. A border patrol spokeswoman said the student was taken into custody because he was violating the terms of his visa. An attorney who often helps undocumented immigrants at the college this particular student attends is working to try to secure his release.

In the meantime, the student was transferred to a long-term immigration detention facility. He said conditions there are horrific and when immigrants are sleeping, it looks like a bunch of corpses lying around the place. He said he has been degraded and insulted by guards. The student also reported that immigrants were not even afforded basic hygiene in the facility. In fact, he said, there was only one shower and two working toilets for approximately 60 immigrants to share.

The student lamented that there are other people at border patrol who likely should be detainees; yet, he says, the government is wasting its time locking up people like him who have caused no one any harm. Anyone in New York facing similar issues may reach out for support from an experienced immigration and naturalization law attorney in the area. Sometimes, one phone call is all it takes to rectify a problem situation.

Source:, "Berkeley student in immigration detention misses first day of classes", Kate Morrissey, Jan. 16, 2018

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