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Embracing family immigration strengthens support systems

When individuals are together with their loved ones, they are able to work together with them to nurture and support relationships. For many, whose families range across countries, family immigration is a useful tool to unite people and to help raise a healthy, well-balanced new generation. Some advocates in the field argue that a reform on immigration that embraces strengthening families will benefit the United States as a whole. New York residents may be interested to learn more about family immigration in the United States. 

Advocates for the policy have shared stories from many people. One example tells about a U.S. citizen who lived in Mexico with her family but returned to the United States to help her disabled son. Her husband remained in Mexico, waiting the required 10 years until he could apply for citizenship. When Hurricane Harvey hit, the woman was left alone to fend for herself instead of having the support of her husband. 

Statistics show that immigrants contribute to a thriving economy. In one recent year, immigrants accounted for 25 percent of new businesses started in the U.S. Approximately 75 percent of immigrants are employed, and together, they contribute $1.3 trillion each year to the economy. 

Some have found the process of family immigration long and difficult. Precious years with children are lost while awaiting time limits to apply for citizenship. There are ways to find help. For example, the hurricane-affected woman was finally reunited with her husband in the U.S. In New York, many people choose to approach immigration issues with the aid of an experienced attorney. 

Source: Houston Chronicle, "Colbert, Lai: Uniting immigrant families should be priority", Cynthia N. Colbert and Zenobia T. Lai, Feb. 7, 2018

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