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Supreme Court weighs in on U.S. immigration law

A recent Supreme Court ruling continues a conversation about a detained person's right to periodic bond hearings. In its recent ruling, the Court said the immigrants who are being held do not have the legal right to regular hearings and could potentially be detained indefinitely in New York and other detention centers. The U.S. immigration law ruling is seen as a blow to immigrants and their advocates, but it may not be the final say. 

The case will have implications for legal permanent residents and asylum seekers. A legal permanent resident who has committed a crime may be detained and then deported. An asylum seeker who turns him or herself in at the border must also wait in a detention center for a court date. Sometimes, the cases are delayed for long periods of time due to the backlog of cases. 

The Supreme Court sent the case back to the lower court with two questions still unresolved. The first question was whether the denial of bind hearings is unconstitutional. The second question was whether detained immigrants can enter a class-action suit or if they must bring their cases individually. If a class-action suit is allowed, immigrants who do not have a lawyer may still have protection. 

Critics say that the ruling on U.S. immigration law is faulty because it deprives an individual of his or her right to liberty. Others say that immigrant detainees and asylum seekers are not a protected class under the Constitution. In New York and across the U.S., many individuals are seeking a route toward naturalization. Individuals who wish to do that and leave behind the problems of detention may wish to hire an experienced immigration law attorney for more help. 

Source: NPR, "Supreme Court Ruling Means Immigrants Could Continue To Be Detained Indefinitely", Domenico Montanaro, Richard Gonzales, Nina Totenberg, Feb. 27, 2018

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