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President calls for more changes to US immigration law

New York residents would be hard pressed to watch or read the news in recent weeks and not hear mention of immigration issues. In what has quickly become a nationwide debate, recent changes to U.S. immigration law have Americans concerned and confused. In a political climate that seems to change daily, it can be difficult to know what the laws currently state and what changes are being proposed. 

Over the weekend, President Trump called for even more changes regarding the process used for deportations. He stated that people that have entered or are currently residing in the country in a manner not in accordance with U.S. immigration law should be deported without the benefit of judicial process. Currently, a person may only be deported without due process if they are discovered within 14 days of entry, and are physically located within 100 miles of the United States border. 

The president wants to expand this expedited deportation rule to include people who have been in the United States for up to two years. This method is used primarily at ports of entry, allowing immigration officials at the border to evaluate the claims of persons attempting to enter the United States immediately, and decide if they will be allowed due process or denied entry on the spot. Supporters of the changes say they will cut down on false asylum claims, while opponents say denying due process is unconstitutional.  

Currently, when a person is attempting to immigrate to this country, he or she can face a lengthy legal process. With the numbers of people attempting to make their home here growing each day, people may have to wait weeks or months to present their case in court. During the waiting period, people attempting to immigrate may be separated from their loved ones, detained or living in fear and uncertainty. 

New York residents may be finding it rather difficult to keep up with U.S. immigration law changes. Immigrants and their families may worry that despite their best efforts, they may not be living in accordance with the law. In many cases, it can be helpful to seek the aid of an attorney whose practice focuses on this complicated and rapidly changing area of the law. An attorney can explain the current laws, and help devise a plan to successfully navigate the legal process. 

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