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Father in need of deportation defense after unexpected arrest

New York residents may be among the millions of Americans who are confused by recent reports of immigrant deportation. U.S. immigration policy seems to change daily, and reports of people who have lived in the United States for many years and are now in need of deportation defense splash across morning headlines. Recently, a story broke about a father who was arrested by ICE in front of his family, who say that the man was not even the suspect ICE claimed to be looking for. 

Current U.S. immigration law states that immigrants who have a criminal history in the United States may now be subject to deportation. One New York man was arrested when ICE came to the family's home. Family members claim that the ICE officers first asked for someone with a name they did not recognize. The officers then asked a female family member who lived in the home, and when she gave her husband's name, he was arrested. 

ICE representatives claim that the man has a DUI conviction, and though he has lived in the U.S. for about 20 years, he is subject to deportation to his origin country of Equador. They also deny allegations that they were searching for someone else at the time of the arrest, but the family is adamant this is certainly not an accurate report of events. The man is currently held in detention as he awaits the court appearance that will decide his fate. 

When an immigrant or their family worries that they may be in need of deportation defense, it can be helpful to partner with a knowledgeable attorney. An attorney may be able to assist as people try to plead their case and try to remain in the United States. The possibility of being sent away from the place a person calls home can be frightening, and having an attorney may be a way to calm nerves and focus on a legal case. 

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