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Minors facing immigration charges have great need for legal help

With all the recent news coverage concerning immigration and deportation issues, New York residents may feel as if they understand the issue. While the basic laws may seem cut and dry, people may not realize that, sometimes, children are left to face the might of the U.S. legal system alone. Unaccompanied minors are child immigrants who have made their way to the U.S. without their parents. If it is suspected that they are undocumented immigrants, they face the same immigration charges as adults and may be subject to deportation. 

New York has long been a place where immigrants travel to meet up with their American family members to have familiar faces close by as they attempt to acclimate to the language and the culture. Many unaccompanied minors traveled to the United States without their parents to escape violence, war and famine in their home countries. When these minors find themselves facing immigration charges for not having the proper documentation, it is up to them to find their own defense attorney. 

While there are free services and attorneys who offer pro bono representation, these resources are currently overwhelmed. A recent survey showed that only a percentage of undocumented children were able to attain free legal help. Many families are now opting to seek a private attorney to represent the frightened and confused children in court. 

When families know of a minor facing immigration charges, they may fear the child will not be able to find help. It can be beneficial to contact a knowledgeable attorney who has the time to consider each case individually and decide how to best assist each defendant in immigration court. An attorney may be able to help a child immigrant clear up the legal issues and begin a safer, better life in America. 

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