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Proposed policy may deny citizenship to legal immigrants

New York, home to the Statue of Liberty and the historic Ellis Island, has long been a beacon to immigrants from all over the world. A symbol of opportunity and new beginnings, immigrants have flocked to the state for centuries with the hopes of becoming a tried and true American. A new policy may bring those American dreams crashing to a halt, as proposed immigration policy changes may deny citizenship to legal immigrants. 

The document was first reported by NBC as an internal proposal by the current president's administration. Upon investigation, it has become known that a plan is in the works to attempt to deny citizenship to legal immigrants who have lawfully accepted various types of aid. Some examples are government-assisted health insurance and the SNAP program, which allows impoverished families to have access to healthy and appropriate amounts of food. 

Many of these assistance programs are strained, as funding continues to be cut, and more and more people find themselves in need. Most people would see nothing unusual about a family needing assistance to survive. Immigrants may find themselves particularly at risk to fall through the cracks, as it often takes time to acclimate to American culture as they attempt to find a job and learn the laws of the land in the hopes of attaining citizenship. 

If New York immigrants and their families are worried that accepting assistance could affect their chances of being granted citizenship in the future, they should be aware that they have the opportunity to seek help from an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to explain recent proposed changes to immigration laws and policies. Legal immigrants have done all in their power to follow the rules for becoming a citizen and should not have to worry that needing a bit of help along the way will cause citizenship to be denied. 

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