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September 2018 Archives

New policies could affect those with permanent resident status

New York residents may find themselves confused by the latest round of changes to U.S. immigration law. The current administration has announced that, in an effort to ease the burden on public assistance systems, a person who is a permanent resident and relies on obtaining a green card to continue to live and work in the United States may have a tougher time obtaining public assistance. There are many people who support this change, as current policy requires green card applicants to prove they will not be a drain on the economy. 

Report shows growing need for food deportation defense

New York residents may be under the common misconception that only undocumented immigrants with a criminal record are subject to deportation. Many people remain unaware that this is not the case, and an immigrant may face deportation with no record of previous crime. The need for deportation defense is ever-growing, but many families may not know where to find help. 

Changes to U.S. immigration law put judges on edge

As summer ends and the weather cools down across the state of New York, the controversy surrounding immigration is still heating up. U.S. immigration law is ever-changing, and even the courts are having trouble staying on pace. Recently, judges have begun to speak out about discouraging new procedures that have left them feeling overwhelmed. In most areas of law, judges are able to use their discretion to determine a timetable to best handle each individual case.

Employment immigration troubles are affecting American economy

A recent census suggests that over 800 languages are spoken in the state of New York alone. Most people are used to encountering people of other cultures, many from other countries, in their daily travel. Several U.S. industries rely heavily on employment immigration, and many employers are complaining that a delay in the process of obtaining a work visa is harming their business. 

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