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December 2018 Archives

TPS immigrants hopeful they can gain permanent legal status

Many people come to the United States in the hopes of improving their lives. Several of them have come from countries where there is political unrest or that have been destroyed by a natural disaster, and therefore, they have little hope of returning. Several immigrants have been living in the U.S. under Temporary Protected Status (TPS), but the current administration is seeking to end this program, potentially putting hundreds of thousands of people's lives in limbo, including many right here in New York.

Back-and-forth continues on changes to asylum, immigration law

Numerous laws surround immigration, and many of those laws are in place with good reason. However, the desire to crack down on illegal immigration efforts and immigration issues as a whole has resulted in proposed changes to those laws that many individuals find questionable. As of late, changes to asylum procedures have been at the forefront.

Woman reaches goal of completing naturalization process

Becoming a citizen of the United States is not easy for immigrants. The naturalization process can be long and difficult to complete, and it is not unusual for applicants to face setbacks along the way. However, when individuals in New York and across the country are able to reach their goals of citizenship, they often feel overjoyed.

US citizen wrongfully held in immigration detention for weeks

Being held in any type of law enforcement detention is a frightening prospect for most people. Numerous individuals understandably fear immigration detention and the possibility that they will be removed from New York or other parts of the United States. Unfortunately, even individuals with U.S. citizenship could face the risk of detention.

Plan proposes to keep asylum seekers in Mexico

As thousands of immigrants reach the southern border of the United States, concerns over immigration policies are growing. The majority of these individuals are looking to obtain asylum in the United States in hopes of escaping the dangers of their homelands. However, they are already facing a number of difficulties, and their hardships may only grow.

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