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TPS immigrants hopeful they can gain permanent legal status

Many people come to the United States in the hopes of improving their lives. Several of them have come from countries where there is political unrest or that have been destroyed by a natural disaster, and therefore, they have little hope of returning. Several immigrants have been living in the U.S. under Temporary Protected Status (TPS), but the current administration is seeking to end this program, potentially putting hundreds of thousands of people's lives in limbo, including many right here in New York.

TPS gives temporary legal status to those immigrants who have come to the United States because of dangerous conditions in their homeland, such as war or weather events like earthquakes. The current administration is seeking to end the TPS program, arguing that these countries -- places like El Salvador, Haiti, and Sudan -- have seen improvements that would allow TPS immigrants to return. This would potentially affect over 300,000 people, many of whom have lived in this country since they were children. Courts have temporarily upheld TPS for certain countries, but many immigrants are still worried, fearing the program could end at any time.

One man, who came from El Salvador as a teen, has made a life in suburban Boston, with his wife and three U.S.-born children. He owns a construction company and worries that he would have to close it if TPS was revoked. He and his wife are unsure of what they would do, considering their children have never even been to El Salvador. He and others are hoping for immigration reform that would include granting him and others like him permanent legal status. Advocates are considering filing a court order that would stop deportation of parents with minor children, but everyone involved is nervous about potential outcomes.

Those who are worried about their legal status do not have to navigate the legal process alone. An experienced immigration attorney can advise New York families of their rights and options under the law. Doing so could increase the chance that they will obtain a favorable outcome and hopefully obtain permanent legal status.

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