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January 2019 Archives

Deportation defense not enough for FBI informant

Many people who come to this country are not just hoping for a better life, but to save their lives. Whether they are escaping a natural disaster, civil unrest, or direct threats of violence, they come to the United States believing they can improve their circumstances, and often that of their family's as well. Sadly, many of them face deportation once they arrive. That is the problem for one young man who was deported from New York recently. His deportation defense garnered sympathy from the judge in his case, but it was not enough to save him.

White House policy may have affected more in family immigration

This country may have been founded as a nation of immigrants, but in today's world, there are disagreements about how immigration should be managed. The current presidential administration has been known for taking a hard-line stance on immigration of which some support and others do not. In New York, where there are several sanctuary cities, many current residents risked a great deal to get here, hoping to complete the process of family immigration. Along the southern U.S. border, where the center of the immigration debate seems to have settled, many children were separated from their families when they arrived. Experts are now saying that the old policy may have affected more people than previously thought.

Employment immigration may see changes proposed by White House

Immigration has been a divisive issue in our country, including right here in New York. Those who support immigration say that it makes the United States better in many ways, while there are critics who say that abuses of our immigration system run rampant. President Trump recently mentioned potential changes to the H-1B program that grants temporary visas related to employment immigration. Many people on both sides of the debate are wondering exactly what those proposed changes will mean.

Citizenship fees paid by state of New York for 700+ immigrants

People from other countries often come to the United States in search of a better life. New York's history as a state that welcomes immigrants is still seen today, particularly in an initiative promoted by Governor Andrew Cuomo known as NaturalizeNY to help those in need obtain citizenship. The program paid the naturalization fees of more than 700 immigrants last year, and the governor has indicated that it may continue beyond the three years it has existed.

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