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Permanent resident: Immigrants mean economic benefit for NY

Immigration is a highly contentious issue across the nation right now. Advocates of immigration have long touted the benefits of allowing foreign-born people to come to the United States. The state of New York in particular has done a great deal to assist immigrants from all parts of the world and in encouraging each one to become a permanent resident. Those who support immigration are pointing to a new study that indicates that New York has seen significant positive economic impact from its immigrant population.

A recent study conducted by WalletHub examined the economic impact made by immigrants in each state. Their findings showed that New York's economy sees the second highest impact. The study compared four different rankings to arrive at the list. They were workforce, socioeconomic contribution, brain gain and innovation, and international students. New York saw the greatest amount of international students and was second in the category of brain gain and innovation.

The study also showed several other measurements that reveals the benefit of immigrants to the state economy. New York tied with two other states for the highest percentage of immigrant STEM workers. The high amount of jobs created due to the existence of immigrant students also put New York at the top of the list with one other state and the District of Columbia. These students also mean that New York receives the highest rate of economic contribution from them per capita.

Despite these positive findings, some immigrants may struggle with the process of becoming a permanent resident. Those who have questions may wish to consult an attorney with expertise in immigration law. It could be the first step to starting a brand new life.

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