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April 2019 Archives

Recent changes to US immigration law may affect asylum seekers

The United States is known around the world as a land of opportunity. Many who come here do so because they face dangerous conditions in their home countries. They're often able to create better lives for themselves and their families. However, recent changes to U.S. immigration law may alter that. The new regulations surrounding the issue of asylum may have a far-reaching effect on migrants here in New York and around the nation.

Immigration report troubling for victims of domestic violence

Though most immigrants come to this country for a better life, they may not be totally safe. Some immigrants are victims of domestic violence. No one should ever feel unsafe due to threats from someone they love. Unfortunately, this is a reality for far too many immigrants right here in New York. An immigration advocacy group recently released a report noting that there has been a sharp increase in the number of immigrants whose partners have threatened to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement if the immigrant reports abuse.

Legal resident film director may face deportation

People who come to the New York from another country often do so believing that they will improve their lives. This is often what happens for them in the land of opportunity. There are frequent debates around the nation regarding the legal status of immigrants, and those who are legal residents may feel more of a sense of security than those who are undocumented. Unfortunately, even some legal residents of the United States can be subject to deportation, which is just the case for one out-of-state filmmaker.

US immigration law: Change to law may help protect immigrants

Being an undocumented immigrant can be difficult in today's world. Many struggle to provide for their families, which can sometimes lead a person to break the law. Those offenses sometimes connect to U.S. immigration law. In the past, undocumented immigrants who commit certain crimes in New York were subject to deportation. Governor Andrew Cuomo has changed a key portion of the state's Penal Law, which he says will save thousands of people from the threat of deportation.

US immigration law: Liberians see humanitarian program extended

There are many groups of people who come to this country because they are in fear for their lives. To them, the United States offers a chance to improve their situation, care for their families, and not just survive but thrive. One such group that falls into this category includes several thousand people from Liberia who relocated to several different states, including New York. They were fleeing great turmoil in their home country and hoping U.S. immigration law would allow them to stay. Though the humanitarian program that allowed them to stay was set to expire, the presidential administration has decided to extend the program another year.

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