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Recent changes to US immigration law may affect asylum seekers

The United States is known around the world as a land of opportunity. Many who come here do so because they face dangerous conditions in their home countries. They're often able to create better lives for themselves and their families. However, recent changes to U.S. immigration law may alter that. The new regulations surrounding the issue of asylum may have a far-reaching effect on migrants here in New York and around the nation.

Many lawmakers are concerned that the number of migrants coming from other nations, particularly countries that make up Central America, will have a negative effect on the United States. The White House recently announced changes to immigration law that will restrict the number of people who can apply for asylum. The order from the Attorney General extends the amount of time that migrants who seek asylum can be kept in jail, awaiting a review of their case.

Current laws say that anyone who comes to the United States, regardless of legal status, has the right to have his or her asylum claim reviewed. Officials that run the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services interview the immigrant to see if that individual has reason to fear living in his or her home country due to a specific, defined status such as religion. If officials believe that the potential threat against the immigrant is credible, an asylum hearing is granted. Many people are already waiting years to have their day in court, and prior to this new ruling, they were typically released during that time. The White House claims that when this happened, many migrants would subsequently not attend their asylum hearing.

All of this may be concerning for anyone who has asylum status here in New York and around the country. Those who have questions or who want to become a legal permanent resident of the United States may want to reach out to an attorney experienced in U.S. immigration law. An experienced legal professional may offer the best chance at remaining in this country where so many people are making their new future.

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