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Naturalization offices closed at three basic training sites

The military has traditionally been a path for immigrants to become part of life here in the United States. Now, the path to citizenship through the military just got a little more difficult. A new policy change has led to the closing of three naturalization centers at military basic training sites. Immigrants in New York hoping to gain citizenship after basic training may have to wait a little bit longer. 

Some immigrants will apply for citizenship

When an individual relocates to this country, it is possible that he or she will attempt to remain here permanently. There is a process to receive citizenship in the United States, and many individuals who come here undergo that process. In New York, millions of individuals will choose to take steps along the path to becoming a full citizen of the U.S.

New hurdles for citizenship seekers in New York

Another round of paperwork has been added to what some individuals say is an already lengthy process. For individuals seeking U.S. citizenship and desiring to locate to New York, this means the the extra steps may possibly cause delays. No longer will people be able to allow a family member or lawyer to easily work directly with a member of Congress. 

No path to U.S. citizenship for Haitian TPS recipients

An earthquake, a major hurricane and a persistent cholera outbreak -- this is what migrant Haitians are facing a return to. After the disasters, the United States offered a program called Temporary Protected Status, that allowed these individuals to come to this country for relief from the various crises. But now, the current administration has decided to discontinue the TPS for Haitians and asks those individuals in New York and elsewhere to prepare to go home instead of preparing for citizenship

New federal rules request online info before naturalization

A person undergoing the path to citizenship in the United States is subject to many federal rules and policies. One new rule, which will go into effect on Oct. 18, allows the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services the ability to access several types of online records about a person. Before naturalization, an individual in New York may be subject to this type of investigation as immigration agencies strengthen their standards and practices. 

More Dominicans seek citizenship than other Caribbean immigrants

Many individuals venture to the United States, seeking a permanent home. Of the sixteen Caribbean nations analyzed by Department of Homeland Security data, individuals from the Dominican Republic are the leaders in seeking American citizenship. Recent news coverage gives a snapshot look at the numbers of people coming from Caribbean nations to New York and all other U.S. states.  

One state ponders ban on citizenship ID in criminal cases

As one state goes, potentially others will follow. A northwestern state is considering making the mention of citizenship inadmissible in criminal court cases unless the defendant's immigration status is relevant to the case. Proponents and opponents are hashing out the details, while other states like New York watch intently. It remains to be seen if similar rules will be applied in other states. 

Immigrants take citizenship oaths in recent New York ceremony

For nearly 200 immigrants, there could hardly be a better day. Wherever they came from and however far they traveled, their paths all converged at the New York Public Library where they stood to take citizenship oaths, the final step in the path to becoming an American citizen. A short recent news article about the ceremony shares tidbits about the individuals there, giving faces to the many people who travel to the United States looking to establish themselves as naturalized citizens. 

Citizenship case prohibits favoring mothers over fathers

Rules regarding immigration can seem arbitrary and murky. Some cases, due to their highly contested and unclear nature, rise all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. A recent Supreme Court decision, appealed from the New York Second Circuit Court of Appeals, finds that it is unfair to favor mothers over fathers in a certain citizenship issue. 

Naturalization ceremony makes dream come true

The ceremonies take place each week in New York City locations. Yet each time a naturalization ceremony is held, it is special. The procedure transforms citizens of countries from around the world into new U.S. citizens with all the privileges and rights that come with citizenship.

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