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Changes in immigration demographics

Conventional wisdom tells us that Mexican migrants (who are most often male) are pouring into the United States. They come here for jobs, or so it has long been believed.But the demographics at the border are changing. The U.S. government is saying that those who are intercepted at the border are today overwhelmingly Central American families. Many of those coming here today are in search in asylum rather than jobs.

How one representative's bill would make it harder to secure asylum

As we've discussed extensively on our blog, last year saw an unprecedented number of migrants from Central America -- nearly 52,000 families and 52,000 unaccompanied minors -- seek sanctuary here in the U.S. from violence and threats of persecution in their home countries.

Just how hard is it to secure refugee or asylee status for a relative? - II

Previously, we started discussing how those people granted refugee or asylee status here in the U.S. may be able to help their loved ones secure this same relief from persecution or other dangerous conditions in their home countries.

Just how hard is it to secure refugee or asylee status for a relative?

When a person is granted refugee or asylee status here in the U.S., it understandably comes as a great relief given that they are typically looking to escape persecution or otherwise dangerous conditions in their home nation.

DHS hit with federal lawsuit filed on behalf of immigrant detainees

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security found itself the target of a very interesting lawsuit filed last week over its treatment of undocumented immigrants currently being held at the Artesia Family Residential Center.

Calls for change to immigration polices amid Middle East violence

The unfortunate reality is that the Middle East is currently the site of escalating warfare from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the civil war in Syria. While the ongoing unrest in these two locations has understandably dominated headlines as of late, it's important to remember that there is also another battle being waged in a key Middle Eastern nation, one that has many people calling on the U.S. to revisit its immigration policies.

Can an asylee-permanent resident mention kids to the USCIS now?

Through a partnership with the New York Daily News, people with questions about U.S. immigration law can write in to Allan Wernick, director of the University of New York's Citizenship Now! project. While no legal advice is provided, many of the questions are similar to those immigration lawyers hear every day from our clients.

Seeking asylum: A difficult battle

The United States guarantees asylum to individuals who are in the country and can prove they have suffered persecution or have a legitimate fear that they will if they go back to their country of origin. This is one very viable path to citizenship in the country. Also, the country does not limit the number of people who can seek asylum. Nevertheless, immigrants seeking citizenship always face hurdles in their chance for a new life.

Hundreds of immigrants wrongly arrested in Rochester area

Some unsettling news has been reported about the U.S. Border Patrol in the Rochester area. A New York University study shows that agents received bonuses in the form of cash and even gift cards for arresting immigrants believed to be in the country without legal permission. The incentive program, which the Border Patrol denies exists, has resulted in the arrest of hundreds of immigrants who did in fact have refugee status, visas or political asylum.

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