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ACLU: Homeland Security and ICE ignoring the advice they sought

The ACLU recently sent an open letter to the Department of Homeland Security to urge action on the inhumane detention of non-criminal immigrants, especially families. The letter, which was signed by 153 other human rights and immigrant advocacy groups, didn't ask immigration authorities to undertake some liberal plan. It simply asks the organization to follow the recommendations of experts the agency itself hired for advice on the issue.

What happens if you post bond for an ICE detainee and he flees?

One of the many concerns immigrant rights advocates have about the detention of unauthorized migrants by the Department of Homeland Security is that it separates families. In many cases, immigrants detained by ICE are held in DHS detention facilities far away from their American homes and families, and a number have been denied visitors or even access to legal counsel.

Border security in immigration bill: a giveaway to defense firms?

The crisis in Syria relegated comprehensive immigration reform to the back burner yet again. While no one denies the urgency of dealing with the vicious conflict and chemical weapons use in that country, the situation was recently stabilized somewhat by the U.S.-Russia agreement to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons hoard within a year. So why aren't the desperately-needed reforms to U.S. immigration law back at the forefront?

Report: number incarcerated for immigration offenses skyrocketing

After U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder called for a sharp reduction in the incarceration of non-violent drug offenders in federal prisons, you may have thought our prison population would actually decrease once his plan was put in place. That might not be true, according to a new analysis of federal incarceration data. Instead, the federal government may simply replace non-violent drug inmates with non-violent immigration offenders.

Cost, process for temporary work permits revealed

An executive order made by President Obama may cost more than $585 million to implement. Last month, the Administration announced that young, illegal immigrants will be granted temporary work permits instead of being deported. An estimated one million requests are expected each year.

Federal Secure Communities program sued for detaining citizen

For the first time ever, a U.S. citizen has sued the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Homeland Security Department for wrongly identifying him as a deportable immigrant and detaining him in a maximum-security prison for two months.

ICE arrests thousands in six-day nationwide operation

At the beginning of this month, officials with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security and other state, local and federal law enforcement agencies arrested nearly 3,200 immigrants. More than 1,900 officers in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and three U.S. territories collaborated during the six-day operation to detain and remove convicted criminal aliens.

Part 10 of the Application for Naturalization: Check yes or no?

There is any number of offenses that would bar a permanent resident from becoming a U.S. citizen. Checking yes to any of the questions in Part 10 of the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services form N-400 Application for Naturalization would certainly raise some eyebrows if you didn't have a very good written explanation to accompany your application.

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