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Posts tagged "Immigration Detention and Removal"

Deportation defense can help prevent trouble for migrants

Citizens of New York are certainly no strangers to recent news pertaining to immigration. A recent government crackdown on undocumented immigrants has resulted in thousands of deportations in the past few months. While U.S. immigration law may seem unclear, penalties for not following procedure can be severe. When it is announced that a person will be sent out of the country, immigrants and their families may need to plan to present a deportation defense case. 

New legislation would affect parents facing immigration charges

There is new legislation making its way to the New York law books. The bill, awaiting the expected signature of Governor Cuomo, looks to ease the stress of families that have parents facing immigration charges. Currently, children of undocumented parents may be taken into state or federal custody as a parent awaits his or her day in court. 

Man held in immigration detention following pizza delivery

One man remains detained following an incident at a military base. He worked as a pizza delivery man in New York and often delivered to the base. The last time he visited, he said that the check-in procedure had changed, which led to him being arrested and held in immigration detention

Immigrants could face immigration charges after policy change

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced a policy change that may result in the relocation of approximately 50,000 individuals. The federal agency announced that it is ending Temporary Protected Status for Honduran immigrants who entered the country after Hurricane Mitch in 1999. There are approximately 50,000 people who could face immigration charges if they do not leave the country, many of whom may be in New York state. 

225 arrested on immigration charges in New York

A recent sweep resulted in the arrests of 225 individuals. All were detained on immigration charges in the state of New York. The arrests were made by Immigration Customs and Enforcement during its six day Operation Keep Safe In New York. 

Bus searches lead to immigration detention, protests in New York

Advocates recently held a national protest against a major bus company claiming that they are allowing travelers to be disrupted by federal officials. Chapters of the American Civil Liberties Union collaborated to speak out against Greyhound Bus Lines' policy of allowing border patrol agents to board buses and question passengers about their immigration status. The message from the ACLU says that, in New York, the bus raids unfairly target people of color and result in people who are in compliance with the law to be sent to immigration detention

Families held in separate immigration detention centers

If family members find themselves facing jail time after entering the country, they could be held in separate facilities. Two separate departments handle the detention of adults and minor children, and people who enter the country together may be separated into far-apart immigration detention facilities. Recently, the ACLU has sued the U.S. Government, claiming that the practice is an unlawful separation of families. Under current policy, a person held in New York could be thousands of miles away from where a family member is being held. 

Man remains in immigration detention pending court case

The path to citizenship isn't always clear, and sometimes, individuals get caught in predicaments while attempting to become legal residents of the United States. Due to recent events, one man remains in immigration detention while he and his attorney fight to have him returned to his home. Although this incident happened in another state, individuals located in New York may be interested in hearing about the man's troubled journey while seeking citizenship. 

Immigrant college student says detainees look like dead bodies

A college classroom in another state was short one student when its spring session recently got underway. That's because instead of being in class he was with approximately 60 other detainees in an immigration detention center. The young man's trouble began when he was riding home from a party with his girlfriend, who missed a turn while she was driving. There may be immigrants in New York facing similar situations.

Raising awareness of immigration detention via hunger strike

One individual seeking asylum has decided to take a dramatic stance to raise awareness of his problems with ICE. He is currently being held in immigration detention after seeking asylum for political and discrimination reasons. He says that other immigrants experience similar problems, which may also apply to those awaiting parole in New York.

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