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White House policy may have affected more in family immigration

This country may have been founded as a nation of immigrants, but in today's world, there are disagreements about how immigration should be managed. The current presidential administration has been known for taking a hard-line stance on immigration of which some support and others do not. In New York, where there are several sanctuary cities, many current residents risked a great deal to get here, hoping to complete the process of family immigration. Along the southern U.S. border, where the center of the immigration debate seems to have settled, many children were separated from their families when they arrived. Experts are now saying that the old policy may have affected more people than previously thought.

Marriage-based immigration: Is a Stokes interview in your future?

Any person who has emigrated from another country to live and work in New York can no doubt relate to various challenges and obstacles that many immigrants say they've encountered when navigating similar processes. If anything can cause stress levels to soar, it is having the U.S. government call a marriage-based immigration situation into question. If that happens, a Stokes interview will likely occur at some point.

Family immigration issues discussed in House

Recent media coverage has sparked a new wave of talks about asylum seekers in the U.S. Individuals seeking asylum at the United States borders are now being separated from their children due to a new border policy. What the change means long-term for family immigration has yet to be revealed. For now, people interested in migrating to New York may wish to be aware of current policy. 

Embracing family immigration strengthens support systems

When individuals are together with their loved ones, they are able to work together with them to nurture and support relationships. For many, whose families range across countries, family immigration is a useful tool to unite people and to help raise a healthy, well-balanced new generation. Some advocates in the field argue that a reform on immigration that embraces strengthening families will benefit the United States as a whole. New York residents may be interested to learn more about family immigration in the United States. 

Family immigration, one of many facets of overhaul

The United States is experiencing a shift in policies regarding people looking to relocate to the country. The current administration has been very active in altering existing guidelines and acting to make changes. A border wall, increased detention facilities and restricting family immigration are major things happening now in American immigration policy. People who have relocated to New York recently may be interested in keeping current with the shifting policies on U.S. immigration. 

Reform could change focus from family immigration to work

Concerns about economic growth are causing the experts to look into certain policy reform. In New York and beyond, one such area of interest is skill-based and family immigration. Experts say that, by looking to the example set by other countries, the United States can create policies that increase the number of immigrants overall and maintain a base of highly skilled workers who contribute to fiscal surplus.

Family immigration and merit immigration basics

Talk of changes in immigration policy is causing some individuals to review the various ways that immigrants arrive in the United States. The U.S. government seems to be moving away from family immigration toward a merit-based system. Both types of immigration have their place in U.S. policy, and individuals from New York may wish to be informed on the basics of each. 

Family immigration helps immigrants achieve

Opinions vary widely on exactly how we should support new citizens coming to the United States. Some argue that generous family immigration policies enable new transplants to succeed -- not only in emotional ways, but as an important driver of economic success. When migrants help the economy thrive, all citizens benefit. New York transplants who have access to extended family support are more likely to build a strong network and feel happier. 

New York City man who scammed immigrants is sentenced

We read recently of a New York City man who is off to federal prison lying to immigrants and defrauding them. The 49-year-old Manhattan man is to spend the next six years in federal prison for impersonating immigration agents and falsely promising to help undocumented immigrants obtain permission to stay in the United States and in some cases, become U.S. citizens.

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