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Immigration detention and the Protect Our Courts Act

Though many people don't realize it, the American judicial system is meant to give due process to anyone within its jurisdiction. However, many immigrants are concerned that they may be at risk of detention or deportation if they attempt to make use of their legal rights. New York is considering new state legislation that would help curb arrests and immigration detention when an immigrant is in court or right outside of it, and supporters are saying that the new laws will benefit communities around the state.

Legal resident film director may face deportation

People who come to the New York from another country often do so believing that they will improve their lives. This is often what happens for them in the land of opportunity. There are frequent debates around the nation regarding the legal status of immigrants, and those who are legal residents may feel more of a sense of security than those who are undocumented. Unfortunately, even some legal residents of the United States can be subject to deportation, which is just the case for one out-of-state filmmaker.

Governor Cuomo plans to pardon man in immigration detention

Though many people in this country disagree on issues surrounding undocumented immigrants, there are still many who come to New York and other states in search of a better life. Though many of these immigrants become law-abiding citizens, some of them feel forced to make ends meet in ways that are technically illegal. Advocates for immigrants say that each case is unique and deportation should not be applied to low-level offenders. Governor Andrew Cuomo apparently agrees, as he says he will issue a pardon to one immigrant who has been in immigration detention since early this year.

Report shows sharp increase in immigration charges in NYC

Immigrants are a vital part of New York. Even so, undocumented people have faced a great deal of scrutiny in recent years. A recent report filed by the New York City comptroller reports there has been a rapid increase in the activities of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He wants to see greater protections for immigrants and fewer immigration charges.

Rapper 21 Savage facing immigration charges

Reports of undocumented immigration are all over the New York news these days, with many people on both sides of the debate. The assumption is often that those who enter the United States unlawfully frequently come through the southern border, but that is not always the case. Grammy-nominated rapper 21 Savage was recently arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and authorities say he is originally from the United Kingdom. He is facing immigration charges that claims he is not in the country legally.

Deportation defense not enough for FBI informant

Many people who come to this country are not just hoping for a better life, but to save their lives. Whether they are escaping a natural disaster, civil unrest, or direct threats of violence, they come to the United States believing they can improve their circumstances, and often that of their family's as well. Sadly, many of them face deportation once they arrive. That is the problem for one young man who was deported from New York recently. His deportation defense garnered sympathy from the judge in his case, but it was not enough to save him.

US citizen wrongfully held in immigration detention for weeks

Being held in any type of law enforcement detention is a frightening prospect for most people. Numerous individuals understandably fear immigration detention and the possibility that they will be removed from New York or other parts of the United States. Unfortunately, even individuals with U.S. citizenship could face the risk of detention.

Man placed in immigration detention after appearing for meeting

Being an immigrant is not easy. Individuals often must leave their homes, loved ones and everything they have ever known behind. However, taking such steps is often necessary, especially when a person's homeland presents serious dangers. Still, coming to the United States does not immediately equal protection, and some individuals could end up in immigration detention.

Confusion surrounding some detainees

The familiar sights and sounds of the approaching holiday season are upon us. Pretty lights and decorations, family dinners, and a flurry of shopping may be things people are looking forward to in the coming weeks. Some New York families are unfortunately facing immigration issues, however, and for detainees, the stress of waiting to hear if they will be deported may feel overwhelming. 

State changes how local police may handle immigration charges

Cold weather is reaching New York, but the weather is not the only "ice" residents will have to deal with. State courts recently made a ruling that will affect how law enforcement handles immigration charges.  Previously, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) could ask local police to pick up persons with immigration-related warrants. The new law will change this arrangement. 

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