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Posts tagged "immigration detention and removal"

From Staten Island to San Diego: fear roils immigrant communities

They are trying to close the windows of opportunities through which Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents might appear. They are undocumented immigrants who are quickly readjusting their lives to the new realities of enforcement.

U.S. mayors vow to challenge executive order.

U.S. mayors have responded harshly to President Trump’s executive order that would penalize cities failing to assist in identifying and detaining undocumented immigrants. The order authorized the Department of Homeland Security to halt funding to areas where local law enforcement officers do not aid federal agents in identifying individuals who have not completed the immigration process. Previous to this presidential action, cooperation between police officers and ICE agents was provided voluntarily and not mandated by law.

ACLU: Homeland Security and ICE ignoring the advice they sought

The ACLU recently sent an open letter to the Department of Homeland Security to urge action on the inhumane detention of non-criminal immigrants, especially families. The letter, which was signed by 153 other human rights and immigrant advocacy groups, didn't ask immigration authorities to undertake some liberal plan. It simply asks the organization to follow the recommendations of experts the agency itself hired for advice on the issue.

UN rights experts urge US to end mandatory immigrant detention

While a chaotic presidential campaign roars along and dominates much of New York City's news coverage, important stories sometimes get overlooked. One such story unfolded over the past day or two as United Nations rights experts called on the U.S. government to end mandatory detention of migrants.

Changes in immigration demographics

Conventional wisdom tells us that Mexican migrants (who are most often male) are pouring into the United States. They come here for jobs, or so it has long been believed.But the demographics at the border are changing. The U.S. government is saying that those who are intercepted at the border are today overwhelmingly Central American families. Many of those coming here today are in search in asylum rather than jobs.

Study: New York City immigration attorneys make a huge difference

As school kids, Americans are taught that everyone has the right to an attorney. That means if a person cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed. It is not widely known, however, that immigrants who are detained in our court system have no right to counsel, meaning that are no public defenders for them.

22 mothers in hunger strike at immigrant detention center

The New York Times recently ran an article about a group of mothers fighting back in one of the few ways available to them. The 22 mothers are holding a hunger strike in an immigration detention center that is about a two-hour drive west of New York City.

Due process dilemma: Immigration courts inside of prisons

There are federal immigration courts stretching across the United States from New York to California, and in many of the states in between. There are 58 of the courts, including 19 that are inside (or on the property of) prisons and detention centers.

Deportation 'is part of the American story'

She stars in a critically acclaimed series, but her success as actress does not mean there isn't real-world pain in the life of Diane Guerrero. Guerrero is more than someone artfully reciting words someone else has written; she writes her own as well.

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