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Posts tagged "immigration detention and removal"

Child detainees now entitled to bond hearings

How should the United States deal with the occurrence of unaccompanied immigrant children? Some individuals captured at the border are minors unaccompanied by an adult. Previously, these children were held as detainees without the option of a bond hearing. A recent court ruling has changed this policy on bond hearings for children, which may have implications for individuals in New York.

New York law provides deportation defense for petty crimes

Petty crimes should not be the cause for removal from the United States. Immigrants who are charged with lesser crimes will now have more shelter under a new New York City law that allows police to charge them with lesser civil summonses versus criminal summonses. This law provides an important deportation defense. A recent news story covers the details of the new law.

Undocumented immigrant arrests on the rise in New York City

They say that elections have consequences. News that arrests in New York City of undocumented immigrants have risen by more than 30 percent since January makes the consequences of last year's election clear.

Transit cop busted pretending to be immigration police

Anyone who rides the Staten Island Railway has seen conductors checking passengers to make sure everyone has paid their fare to ride. In Minneapolis, they have a similar train system and personnel with transit cops regularly boarding trains to check for tickets.

New York prosecutor: fear of deportation helping criminals

This might be another case of unintended consequences in government. The phenomenon rears its ugly head virtually every time politicians try to fix a problem: the remedy brings with it new complications that no one saw coming.

New York cities vow to fight federal immigration crackdown

The lines have been drawn. On one side is the Trump administration and its vow to cut off federal aid to cities that refuse to comply with its immigration enforcement efforts. On the other side are some of New York's biggest municipalities, vowing to fight the crackdown on "sanctuary cities."

Immigration report angers, confuses New York law enforcement officials

President Donald Trump has fulfilled a promise, but the reaction is probably not what his administration hoped for. He promised early that his administration would release weekly reports on crimes by undocumented immigrants and the local police departments that had failed to turn over suspects to the federal government's Department of Homeland Security.

New York City immigrants getting anti-deportation training

Instructions are straightforward: if immigration officials knock, don't open the door. If officials take you into custody, give them nothing but your name. If immigration officials ask you to sign documents, decline.

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